Ras Pee the New Voice on the Zimdancehall music space

Born Patrick Mudimu, Ras Pee is a 25 year old Zimbabwean dancehall artist who is based in Bredasdorp, a small farming area in Capetown. Soundgroove caught up with him and interviewed him and he had a lot of information to share with us.

Picture of Ras Pee
Patrick Mudimu AKA Ras Pee

So, who is Ras Pee?

My name is Patrick Mudimu a.k.a. Ras Pee. I am a dancehall artist.

What genre of music are you into?


What would you say inspired you to venture into music?

I’d like to believe that the love for music drove me into the music itself. I developed a passion for music and eventually realized that I had a talent that needed to be nurtured. So, I can say that it was the love and talent that drove me into the music industry. I believe it was in 2018, undoubtedly. I saw a turning point in my life after releasing the track Kurarama. People loved and still love the song and their comments motivated me. It was then that I looked at myself and saw an artist that could change people’s lives. After the release of Kurarama and when I saw how it became popular and loved by the people, I decided to take my career into greater heights. The love and the support people gave me naturally pushed me into wanting to give them more.

What was it like when you grew up? Would you say the environment had a hand in you pursuing dancehall?

The environment definitely inspired me into dancehall music and around that time when I decided to go into music, dancehall was gaining more popularity especially with us the young generation so of course looking at my age I couldn’t be left out.

Listen to Kurarama track

What drives Ras Pee to wake up every morning and start working on your music?

Firstly, my love and talent inspired me into the industry. As we know one can reach to greater heights with their talent backed by passion. Secondly, environment inspired me. Being born and growing up in the ghetto motivated me telling my story through music. Thirdly, I’ve always wanted to change people’s lives. It is my utmost desire to live beyond my grave. When I’m no longer here I want to make sure my music makes a positive impact from generation to generation. Also music allows me to express my emotions and thoughts easily. We all have a story to tell and how we tell it differs. I tell mine through music. Last but not least, I’m always a happy person. So in trying to show my happiness I ended in music. I mean, I sing to entertain people…

What would you say is the message behind your music?

Basically, my music teaches about reality, life experiences and challenges that we face on a daily basis.

So, how has been your journey? How many albums or songs have you released so far?

It’s never been easy at all, even now I’m still pushing. I had my first album Kurarama with my makeshift home studio in 2018. It has 8 tracks. The tracks are:

  1. Kurarama
  2. Munozvigona Sei?
  3. Ronda
  4. Mhamha
  5. Rudo
  6. Marijuana
  7. Hoi Hoi
  8. Mai Sean
  9. Summer Time (ft. Kio Tee)

Early 2019, I did a singles collection called They Don’t Know which has seven tracks as follows:

  1. Godo
  2. They Don’t Know
  3. Havasi Kutiziva
  4. Baby Wangu
  5. Kwatakabva
  6. Kuimba Nyemba
  7. Staera Rechimbavha

I also did a collaboration with Megikkal on a track called Vakomana VeVancho in 2019.

 You know, when you are trying so hard to have a breakthrough and open-doors you end up overworking…

I understand that the music industry can be quite tough. What can you say have been the greatest challenges you have experienced?

Truth being told, there is a lot of competition in the industry. So, I had to learn survival skills. What I mean is, you have to know what’s trending. You have to know what people like at the particular moment and you have to draw their attention. Of importance, I’ve leant to be social. Being in the streets and socializing has helped me to be aware of the problems people are facing and new words. I mean that I’ve learnt to move with the trend. I’ve really leant a lot.

Do you have a manager?

Yes. His name is Alfred Mukanangana.

Are you satisfied with the progress you have made so far in regards to your music brand, you and Alfred working together? If not, what do you think have been the setbacks?

Yes, I can say I’m satisfied because I see right now that it’s working and I’m happy. In the past I spent a lot of time making mistakes and doing corrections while I was getting the spirit of music in me. Knowledge was the first thing I had to search for and that was the hardest part. Before I met Alfred my manager, it was me all alone and a few friends for support. The love was there but there was zero ideas on how to do it. The internet helped a lot and I ended up producing myself in 2014. In 2015, I met Alfred and I’m glad he came through. We started working together and he is the kind of person needed to cover all the setbacks with the marketing and production.

Where do you see yourself and your music brand, say in 5 years from now?

Well, by God’s grace, I hope that in the next 5 years I would be successful in my music career. I hope that in 5 years, I would have traveled the world positively impacting on people’s lives through my music and of course success entails being able to provide for my family.

What are you currently working on?

Actually I haven’t recorded a track yet but I’m working on my first single. It will be out soon and I’m confident that people will love it.

As I said before, the single is not yet released, but I have a released track called Nyenyedzi which is part of the upcoming singles collection. In this track I’m motivating someone to keep on “keeping on” no matter how dark the future looks, because the stars (Nyenyedzi) cannot shine if the sky is not dark. You’re a star, keep on shinning!

Who would you say is your inspiration?

My favorite dancehall musician is Soul Jah Love and his life story inspires me. When I look at him I see that talent fuelled by determination and perseverance can also propel me to greater heights.

11 Given a chance, which artists would you want to work with or feature in your songs?

I had a dream for a collaboration with Tuku (May his soul rest in peace), but I would like a collaboration with Tocky Vibes. Sharing a stage with Winky D will be a dream come true for me. There is this energy on stage that Winky D has that I love.

Any other words you might want to share with your fans?

I tell my story without copying anyone’s work and that makes my music stand out. Well. I cannot tell with certainty when I the single is coming but I can tell you that before the end of the year the singles collection will be out.

Please allow me to thank Kelvin Mhandu, Alfred Mukanangana and Team Gunshot Family with all the support from day one…

To all musicians out there. Don’t give up. Be honest and work hard.

Thank you!

RasPee aka Chimwe Chipattan

Love you all…

Thank you so much for allowing Soundgroove to interview you. We wish you all the best in your music career.

If you intent to hook up with RasPee, here are the contact details:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/raspee263

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/Raspee263

Email: raspee@gmail.com


Alfred Mukanangana


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