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Born Trevor Gourstino popularly known as Kay Gee 40 is expected to drop ‘Nothing Without’ EP on his birthday which he says is fully inspired by true-life events. Soundgroove has all the entertainment news.

“I do not just write music, I am actually inspired by real-life situations. I make music to inspire others”, said Kay Gee 40.

During an exclusive interview,  40 talked of having been going through a lot at the time of composition, and Grannsun the producer he worked with happened to be there.

He was touched by the emotional beats Grannsun was making. He did what any artist does best communicate his current status to the world.

 “I was missing and still mourning my uncle who had recently passed away so emotionally I was not in a good place. It’s such a time you realize what is really important to you. So to me, it’s God, music, family and my fans”, he said.

‘Without You’ the EP cover song tell a different story about Kay gee 40 besides music that is his love life and how it has contributed to bring out the worst in him for the wrong purpose.

 “In the first verse, I was talking about my love life and how the past has affected my present. How I am hurting other people unknowingly because I was hurt too but I am willing to learn to give my heart away, in the second verse I talk of a close relative who is going through a lot, I try to help but and still, the relative continues to turn me down and lastly the third verse I rap about my friends and hip hop”, Kay Gee 40 said.

Like any other artist out there they face different challenges in this music industry journey one would have embarked on and for Kay gee40 his challenges are lacking visuals for his music.

“I need more visuals for this EP here, the first video we did was for ‘Mama Said’ and before the editing was completed the director Clyde Jones was locked down in SA. He is the one who directed ‘Ndiri Ghetto’video”, he said.

KayGee40, whilst waiting for the return of Clyde Jones, decided to pile up the work as he intends to do visuals for the whole EP.

“So I have to wait for him to come back and resume. I would love it if all songs on the project get a visual that will make the story complete”, he added.

Watch Ndiri Ghetto Video

Kay Gee 40 – Ndiri Ghetto Video

KayGee40 has been dwelling much on singles as he was waiting for the expansion of his fan base countrywide of which according to him he has done justice shown by the to-be-released first EP.

“This is my first solid project ever, that’s why it is so dear to me. All this while I have been doing singles, there is no shortcut to success. Be patient to go through what God wants you to go through and expect nothing less than good music from me”, said 40.

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Email: trevorgoustino@gmail.com

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