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This week Soundgroove caught up with Learnmore Munyoro, AKA Great Orator and interviewed him. The Great Orator had a lot of information to share with us concerning his career as a poet. One thing interesting about Learnmore Munyoro is that he fuses his poetry with the Mbira music, something which makes his art unique and versatile. Soundgroove is pleased to give you an exclusive interview!

Can you please tell me briefly about yourself?

I am Learnmore Munyoro, well-known as the Great Orator the poet. I am the founder of GOP PRODUCTION (Great Orator the poet and the Mbira super sounds crew).

Picture of Great Orator
The Great Orator Wearing His Trademark Traditional Attire

Where are you based currently?

Currently I am based in South Africa, Western Cape Province .

When did you start poetry and what or who inspired you?

The inspiration of my poetry I can say was catalyzed by talent and the inspiration from other great Zimbabwean writers like Ignatius Tirivangani Mabasa and A.M. Hamutyinei.

So, in short, I can say I managed to identify my talent when I was still at primary school. I confidently started writing during my secondary level period.

 What is your poetry all about?

I cannot hide the fact that my poems are anchored on a Christian background, meaning to say, I mostly concentrate/ focus on educative, supportive, and soul restoration poems. Of course, you can find love in it as well as entertainment, it depends on how you interpret them.

Your poetry is in what language?

My poetry is in two languages, English and Shona.Ā  It is for the benefit of all people and for my mother country as well.

 Why Mbira? Why did you think it was a great idea to use Mbira music in your poetry?

From early 2020 going backward, I was focusing on text and audio poems. Then, I realized that Mbira is the sweetest musical instrument to jell my poems. After a long comparison, I finally decided to use mbira because I wanted to capture the attention of the public for I have great teachings to give to the world.

Some people will be attracted to mbira sounds, and as soon as they pay attention they will also listen to the secret source of the intelligence (Panobvajuka nhava yenduri vodyorerawo zivo).

Ā How many pieces of poetry do you have? In which form are they available in, book, audio, or video?

I have 15 audio single poems with general beats background.  I also have a short video. Right now I have a full band and am polishing my first album with six Poems as follows:

  1. Kuguma Kwenyika
  2. Regai VaMugabe Vadendame
  3. Tsamba Kumaporofita Enhema
  4. Coronavirus
  5.  Nherera Inoguta Musi Wafa Mai
  6. Handina Mwana Anoita Rombe

Have you faced any challenges in pursuing your art? If so, what are those challenges and how have you dealt with them?

I am facing financial challenges to push my great vision to the apex. From the beginning Iā€™ve been self-funding, sometimes it takes time to record my poems and mbira because I don’t have my own studios and I usually hire recorders.

What kind of audience is embracing your poetry, and where are you performing?

My poetry is good for all, I can testify all age groups are loving my poems, becauseĀ  I know the words that cover all generations and tribes thatā€™s why am global.

Who taught you to play the mbira? What happened?

Ā One of my team members taught me. Not only do we play mbira, but we also make our own mbira. We just buy materials and make our own mbira musical instruments.

 Can you tell me about your band?

Currently, we don’t have enough instruments, we just have mbira, Hoshi, and drum (Ngoma). Now we want to make marimba however, they are a bit expensive but we can make them for a start. I have 9members as follows:

2 guys play mbira and I also do sometimes

1 guy plays hosho

1 guy plays the (African) drum

4 are dancers.

What are your goals? Anything you want to achieve or set targets?

My goal is to see my project flying to the four corners of this world.  I want to cover the whole world with my poems. 

I will be happy if my poems reach the eardrums of more than 82% of the world.Ā  I have great words to tell nations via entertainment. I would love to see everyone walking along the highway of uprightness.

What has been the greatest highlights of your career so far? What event(s), when you look back make you feel proud?

I don’t have to go far back let me come closer, I am just feeling proud of my new album. Although we are still adding some ingredients, I want to assure the public to just wait and see kubvajuka kwenhava yenduri (how the poet’s bag goes viral).

Furthermore, I just want to thank those who are viewing my first video on our channel, GOP PRODUCTION.

Ndichingoti (I want to say) TO GOD BE THE GLORY ZVACHOSE (FOREVER)!

What is the Poem Coronavirus about?

The poem is simply about exposing my feelings about the pandemic,Ā  COVID-19.

Listen/Download to the poem Coronavirus

To download, click on the 3 dots at the far right of the audio panel you will see a popup with download option.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Yes, GOP PRODUCTION is my channel and there is a video we recently did.

What is the video about?

It is a special tribute to the late former President Robert Mugabe and a consolation message to the Mugabe family for the death of the icon.


VaMugabe Video – The Great Orator
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