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Born Bongani Dube, popularly known by his stage name Dopeboy Scavy and also nicknamed Bongani WemaMuffins (literally translated Bongani The Muffins Guy), is about to drop 2 mixtapes. He revealed this when we had an exclusive interview with him recently. The 24-year old, Johannesburg based South African recording artist says his music is not limited to any one genre but is diverse although he is currently focusing on Trap Hip Hop. 

Picture of Dopeboy Scavy
Dopeboy Scavy

Asked why they gave him the nickname Bongani WemaMuffins, the artist said, “The name came as a result of a hilarious incident on the day we baked Space Muffins that got everyone so high and everyone started calling me The Muffins Guy.”

“I started writing music in 2010 when I was in grade 7. Even though I didn’t get to record, I kept on writing as a way of perfecting my skill,” he said.

Talking about who inspired him to venture into music he had this to say;

“There are a lot of artists that played a role in my life, but the only way I can put it is Lil Wayne introduced me to like hip hop. So that time I started to fall in love with Hip Hop, but the person who inspired me to do music is Juicy J because I like the way he flows. His Trap style is very good, when he raps he’s always cool and calm, you know, he’s not in a hurry. Seeing his music videos I was like, yoh, I can do this now. So Lil Wayne introduced me to the culture and Juicy J got me going. These two played a big role in my life.”

Dopeboy Scavy says that the message behind his music is to inspire and motivate people especially the youths to never give up no matter what the situation may be but to pray and believe in themselves and that anything is possible as long as they keep fighting.

“I got like 2 Mixtapes that are ready and I’m looking forward to drop them soon. I got the GasOlean Mixtape and the Holy Ghost Mixtape. At the moment I’m working on my EP which is called Stoner Life. This Lockdown made me work more, so yeah, two projects down with one another big project coming up,” he said.

If given a chance, Dopeboy Scavy feels that working with Juicy J on a song would be a dream come true. 

Like all upcoming artists, Dopeboy Scavy acknowledges that he has faced his fair share of challenges which include procrastination, lack of discipline, doors being slammed in his face, not getting shows and a lot of negativity around him as people told him he couldn’t do it and he should rather quit and focus on school. However, he is optimistic that once the lockdown and the pandemic are over, doors will open and things will improve.

“My music is on YouTube and if you just search for Dopeboy Scavy everything will pop up,” he said.


INSTAGRAM: Dopeboy Scavy

FACEBOOK: Dopeboy Scavy

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