Born Brighton Wiseman  popularly  known as Brythreesixty drops the long awaited album titled “PURPLE FEELINGS”. Besides him being the man of the moment on air, he has vowed to be more than just an entertainer but a mentor to the rising artists who are struggling to further their music profiles as well.During an exclusive interview,Brythreesixty shared these words of motivation;

“To all the fellow artists who are on the rise and upcoming ,please do not give up,focus more on yourself and keep on pushing”.

PURPLE FEELINGS  is an album comprising of songs that express who really Brythreesixty is and the emotional status he was during the time of composing.How and what Brythreesixty names his projects proves him to be a person showing and expressing love to the colour purple. 

The album is a reflection of the life situations he was in and he has turnt the energy to an advantage as he expresses all that he has been through in an album.

“I have a track on the album titled ‘OK’ featuring Russtenn all the way from United States of America, the song talks about us being ‘OK’ no matter what people say or what is happening in our life. Every song in my album was inspired by true events and l do not want to spoil the album to those who haven’t  heard it,”  he said.

He talked on PURPLE FEELINGS being his second album, with the first being ‘Balanc3’ which he released back in 2017 and he went on expressing his gratitude to the public who keep on supporting him as he is happy to give his fans this masterpiece.

In between balanc3 and PURPLE FEELINGS he dropped a number of mixtapes like ‘Purple Mars’ 1-3. During an exclusive with  Brythreesixty he explained to Malcolm Beay how he is promising more great and a hit of songs that did not make it in the album.

“I have a fire in my vault, there is some tracks that didn’t make it in PURPLE FEELINGS that can make another hot album,” Brythreesixty said.  

Brythreesixty highly expects PURPLE FEELINGS to make an impact and change many social lives. Seeing the way fans are waiting for this anticipated album, it is no joke that this album will provide its best.

Brythreesixty – Purple feelings

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